If I could choose to change my name I would choose the name Cameron Loser. I would pick this name because you shouldn't just assume what people are like before you meet them. The quote that I found is "Never judge a book by its cover." Get to know the person and see what they are really like before you put anything into your head. My new goals and self traits are going to be that I’m going to be a very nice person and try to help everybody out as much as I can, even if I don’t feel like doing it. I am going to be quiet at times when I should be but be loud and attentive when need be. I am not going to be a fake person; I will be straight forward and tell you what I am thinking. At the same time I will have a fun personality, and be just a fun person overall to hang out with. They will realize that they shouldn't judge me for my last name "Loser".