I would bring a sleeping bag so i will stay warm and it will keep the bugs away.
A knive to cut things down trees and to kill animals and cut then up.
Rope to tie tree branches togethere to make a place to stay dry and if you have to get down a mountin.
clothes if it rains you dont want to be all wet and cold. you need new clothes so you can stay warm.
A Tin water bottle to put water in so you will have water with you when your going on a walk. you can cook with your water bottle.
The five things that I would take with me if I was tramping around the country, would be matches, water filter, machine gun, amo.

I would take the matches because, if I had that matches it would allow me to start a fire that could give me a heat source, cooking source and light source.

I would take the water filter to clean water so that I would never go thursty, if I would have just taken a water boottle I probably would have ran out of water in the first day.

I would take a machine gun, because if I was hungry or hunting I would not be that hard to kill the animal. Because if you miss you can just spray and pray.

Amo, because if I am goings to have a gun I am going to need amo to supply that gun, or I would not be able kill anything.