Timeline of Events:

  • As a class we will brainstorm the following events as some of the most important events in Into the Wild.

Chris' time in Alaska; the last three months
Chris' death
Kills the moose, and has a "rebirth" experience
Moldy seeds are eaten by Chris
Chris learns that his father is a bigamist
Chris meets Ron Franz and bonds with him, attempts to persuade him to change his lifestyle
Ron picks Chris up in Seattle after he is arrested
Jan and Bob pick up Chris as a hitchhiker
At the Niland slabs, Chris stays with Jan and sells used books for her
Worked at McDonalds for around a month in Bullhead City
Stays with Charlie, an old man who offers Chris his camper
He decides to divorce his parents
Goes to college at Emory College in Atlanta
Lives and goes to high school near Washington DC
Runs track in high school
Took high school road trips
Abandons his car in the desert
Chris attempts to canoe to the Gulf of California, nearly dies
During his childhood, he is close with his sister Carine
Very serious during high school, wants to go to South Africa
Got drunk and tried to bring a girl upstairs
Wayne gives Chris a job in Carthage, they become friends
Wayne goes to jail, Chris leaves South Dakota
Chris goes back to Carthage to see Wayne and to make money to buy gear for Alaska

  • You decide which TEN are the most important and create a timeline showing these events.

  • Next, write a 3-5 sentence reflection about which three events you believe are the most important and explain your thinking.

  • Finally, write in under 300 words a summary of the entire book. Make sure you are as thorough and concise as possible.