Travis Groff

10 Most Important Events In The Story: (In order from when it happened) (First to last)

- During his childhood, he is close with his sister Carine -
- Goes to Emory college in Atlanta, Ga -
- He decides to "divorce" his parents -
- Wayne gives Chris a job in Carthage, they become friends -
- Chris meets Ron Franz and bonds with him, attempts to persuade him to change his lifestyle -
- Chris learns that his father is a bigamist -
- Chris' time in Alaska, the last three months -
- Chris kills the moose and has a "rebirth" experience -
- Moldy seeds are eaten by Chris -
- Chris' Death -

The three events that are the most important:

- Chris' time in Alaska, the last three months. -

I believe this event is important because this is what the story has been building up to. The start of his Alaskan adventure begins here. Its there that he realizes that he just needed a break from reality and wanted time alone, he has time to reflect on himself.

- Moldy seeds are eaten by Chris. -

The cause of Chris' death most likely was the eating of the moldy seeds. Up until that point, the seeds he was eating were not effecting him at all. But after time went by, the seeds grew mold, which poisoned Chris and led him to his death. The readers get insight on how Chris could have died and we learn why he did this.

- Chris' Death. -

The result that we knew the whole story was bound to happen. But by finding out how he died is how the whole story wraps up. Chris was happy that he died in the wild. This ended the story of Chris and left readers in a state of satisfaction, knowing what really happens.

Final Book Summary:

The book as a whole leaves the reader in a state of satisfaction. Know knowing the possible causes of Chris' death means we could finally have closure on the story and take it as a learning experience. Chris' trips that he took around the country sort of built up to his untimely demise on bus 142 in the wilds of the Alaskan Range. Trips to Arizona, California, the Colorado River, and South Dakota, where he was hired at a grain elevator by a man named Wayne Westerberg in Carthage, all took part in this spiritual journey that Chris was on since the start. The start being after his college graduation at Emory college in Atlanta, Georgia. Although Chris felt the need to divorce his parents after college, after being in the Alaskan wilds for so long he felt that maybe it was time to forgive their imperfections, maybe even some of his own. Although Chris does die in the end of his journey, he almost in a way seems that he could have committed suicide. He knew from the start what he was getting himself into, he knew of all the dangers that the wilds of Alaska was hiding. And you think if he was going out on a journey to survive there, that we would have learned more about the area that he was going to be surviving in. Chris' death could have possibly be prevented by the help of a topographic map, which he could have easily gotten access too. Despite the mistakes made my Chris,he did considerably well for how little he was prepared for the wild. That alone is enough to commemorate young Alexander Supertramp; Chris McCandless' alternate name that he chose for himself after going out into the world.