1. Goes to college at Emory College in Atlanta

  2. He decides to divorce his parents

  3. Abandons his car in the desert

  4. During his childhood, he is close with his sister Carine

  5. Wayne gives Chris a job in Carthage, they become friends

  6. Chris meets Ron Franz and bonds with him, attempts to persuade him to change his lifestyle

  7. Chris goes back to Carthage to see Wayne and to make money to buy gear for Alaska

  8. Kills the moose, and has a "rebirth" experience

  9. Moldy seeds are eaten by Chris

  10. Chris' death

I feel that when Chris decides to divorce his parents- that was one of the biggest leaps of faith he took during the course of his life. I mean, like, alright. Parents are normally the people that raise you, spend the most time with you, care for you, and LOVE you! If you are willing to divorce them because of one thing- his father cheating on his previous wife, then obviously their bond as father and son wasnt secure. To me, I feel that a father and son should have this amazing bond that nothing can break unless it's a HUGE deal, but I guess to Chris, this was a big deal. I just wish that maybe if his parents would have been there more or showed their love for him more often as a child, Chris would have been more willing to accept their mistakes.

The second most important event, I feel, was when Wayne gave Chris a job. To me, this shows that Chris was a hard worker and someone that everyone could easily get along with. Wayne barely knew Chris, but I don't feel that Chris showed signs of ignorance toward others and to me, he seemed to have respect toward his elders. I think Chris was kind of delaying his trek to the Alaskan Bush because he always seemed to stay in the same place for longer than he planned. I think that that might have been God's way of telling him to slow down and kind of figure out if that was what he really wanted to do. Make him question the fact that he should talk to his parents or sister. I think him taking the job and becoming friends with Wayne shows that Chris didn't not like people as much as he said because he enjoyed his friends and obviously wasn't too much against them.

Chris' death was also one of my top three most important events. I felt this was important because when Chris first began his journey, and possibly even when he started to think about it, Chris thought he was going to be able to walk out of the wild. I feel that through his whole journey, Chris gave it his best effort but sometimes just didn't think of the obvious things he needed- like food ..? I think that even though in some parts of the journey he lacked common sense, most of the time, he dealt with what he had and did great at it! I don't think if I went into the wild with what Chris had would have even been able to make it two weeks. You really need to have some guts when doing that but also perseverance. I think the first problem I would encounter, I would want to say I'm done unless I have someone there, cheering me on, telling me to give it my all. I give Chris props for all that he did accomplish, maybe he didn't meet his ultimate goal, but he made an impact on many people's lives, and you know what? maybe he changed/saved someones life.